Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Personal Experience with Modern Tailor

Review of Modern Tailor
This is a very detailed testimonial from a friend who have tried out Modern Tailor. Though it is quite long, I have decided to keep it in its current form so as to provide the juicy nitty gritty details that will be insightful. Will be useful for those who are curious about online tailoring. Enjoy!

Experience: I've placed 3-4 orders of 2 shirts each last year and paid slightly under US$100 per order.

Modern Tailor offers close to 2000 fabrics to choose from to tailor a shirt. They carry 100% cotton fabrics, along with fabrics that are a blend of cotton and polyester.

Pricing starts from US$39.99, excluding delivery. However, they do offer new customers to order one of 3 fabrics for US$19.99. excluding delivery, to try out their service. Also, if you buy 2 or more shirts, they will include a free tie and/or cufflinks and/or fabric swatch, depending on the number of shirts you buy.

They also have different fabrics on sale every week, and also sales on special occassions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. The fabrics on sale can be discounted by as much as 40%. Also, the weekly sales do not just include the cheaper fabrics. Modern Tailor do occasionally put the more expensive fabrics (US$200 and above) on sale at deeply discounted prices.

The ordering process - choosing your design
Their website is easy to use, and very user-friendly. When you place an order, you start by choosing the fabric that you want, and it will take you through the process of choosing your collars, buttons etc.

If you'd like a specific customisation but they do not have the option in the ordering process, you can input what you'd like into the comments box at the end of the ordering process.

Upon receipt of your order, their customer service will contact you to firm up the details of the customisation that you're after, and also ask you if you have any pictures that can provide them reference (I've never actually tried this, but a lot of people on Styleforum were really impressed by this).

The ordering process - taking your measurements
Once you've done the above, you'd be prompted to input your measurements, which will be saved as a profile in your account for use in future orders. Modern Tailor provides a measurement guide on how to take the various measurements.

You have a choice of submitting your body measurements, or submit measurements from a shirt that you already have. They also give the option of sending the shirt to them for them to copy the measurements from, which would then be sent back to you along with your new Modern Tailor shirts.

Standard production and delivery is within 3 weeks of placing the order. Modern Tailor offers expedite production and expedite delivery where your shirt will be delivered to you in 8 business days. Note that expedite production and expedite shipping are separate. Meaning you can have standard production with expedited shipping or vice versa also. I've only had experience with standard production and delivery.

All but one of my orders came slightly over 2 weeks from my order. The last order came at exactly 3 weeks.

However, delivery can be expensive. Standard delivery is US$10 each for the first 2 shirts, and US$8 each for any subsequent shirts. Hence, there really isn't much incentive to consolidate your orders into 1 shipment. I would rather order 1-2 shirts at a go to ensure you get the measurements correct so that you can make adjustments for later orders.

Also, while standard shipping offers tracking, their shipping partner's website wasn't working when I placed my orders, and I could not track my orders. Modern Tailor has now introduced Air Mail (sans tracking) for US$7 per shirt (I have no experience with this).

Customer service
Customer service is excellent. They do not have a contact number to call, but they reply emails promptly. My emails to them were replied in hours, sometimes minutes. Also, their customer service will answer your questions clearly, unlike having model answers for a certain type of question.

Quality assurance
Modern Tailor publishes their tolerance for error on their website, such as for the collars and cuffs, the product has to be within 0.5cm of total circumference. If any of the measurements on the finished product is not within the allowance, you can take photos of the product and a measuring tape to show the difference and send it to their customer service. If the measurements on the finished product is indeed off, Modern Tailor will offer to either remake your order for you free of charge, or give you a voucher code for 20% off on your next order. They do not require you to mail back the "botched" shirts. One of my orders was slightly outside the allowance and I had the shirts remade. The other orders had no issues with them.

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