Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shopping with the rich - Upscale tailors

Shopping with the rich

Upscale Tailors
Upscale tailors offer premium service at premium prices and can be found in the city area and the business district. The shops carry higher quality fabric generally and prices for shirts will normally cost close to S$150.

Located at both Boat Quay and TripleOne Somerset, Clothesmith was set up in 2008, specialising in custom-made menswear and image consulting. New customers will typically go through a detailed profile analysis and recommendations will be made on that basis.

One of the oldest, if not the oldest, tailoring brand in Singapore, CYC has built a strong following across the years. Most famous for being the provider of shirts to ministers of Singapore's parliament. Relatively convenient locations with multiple shops in both the city and business district.

Located in Tanglin Mall, Justmen's has a strong clientele base, including some of the top honcos in Singapore.

Located in Far East Plaza, Kingsmen is affiliated to Justmen's through blood ties. The positioning for Kingsmen is similarly high-end but caters to a younger crowd, thanks to the involvement of the younger third generation in the business.

Raffles Tailor
Located in Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Tailor has an international clientele and a long list of awards to showcase its expertise and workmanship. The shop is well staffed and you would be able to get quite personalised attention on most times of the day.

Located in Millenia Walk and Chevron House, Rossi as a brand is Italian inspired and holds a wide range of European fabric. Anedoctelly, some Rossi clients actually fly in just to tailor with Rossi. Workmanship could however be improved, in my view. 

* The writer is looking to hear from readers on their experience with these tailors and will like to include the feedback in an update of this post or subsequent posts. So please pen your thoughts in the comment box below!

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