Tuesday, November 6, 2012

About this Guide

About this Guide
Unlike the fashion brands that fill the malls of Singapore, there are few brand names in Singapore's tailoring space. Finding someone reliable is not exactly easy. This site is meant to to solve that problem by showcasing the more credible names in the marketplace.

The guide is a summary of my research and experience in the tailoring industry. I have explored the various alternatives and have even tried my hand in the tailoring business . I hope that my experience will be helpful in your quest for better looking, better fitting clothes.

My story
I started my adventure in the tailoring space 2 years ago.

Not an average S/M/L fit as dictated by the fashion brands of the world, I discovered tailoring as a feasible alternative. Not only does it cut short the tedious shopping process - trying to find something that both fits and looks nice - it is affordable as well.

As an ever-curious and enterprising individual, I got myself acquinted with various parties across the supply chain in Singapore.

And as the story goes, I eventually ventured into the business - a door-to-door tailoring service serving both friends and friends of friends.

My journey has been fruitful and has now brought me to write this guide which I will like to share with those who are i) new to tailoring, ii) looking for alternative tailors.

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